House Family: House Rubrum

House Rubrum (PC’s House)


House Stats

Defense: 21
Influence: 23
Lands: 41
Law: 34
Population: 41
Power: 20
Wealth: 30, 22

First Founding: Blackfyre Rebellion
 - 1 Event: Scandal


Defense 21: Hall (Unnamed Hall)
 - Units Defending gain +4 to their defense
Unknown Description

Influence 23: Heirs
Lord: Callum Rubrum
Lady: Salia Rubrum (Deceased)

First Son: PC
Second Son: Selis Rubrum
First Daughter: Lia Rubrum
Third Son: Gallus Rubrum

Lands 41: Max Status 4

– Small Town
– Roads
– Dense Woods
– Ruins
– River
– Grasslands
– Stream

Law 34: House Fortunes -1

Population 41: House Fortunes +1

Power Holdings 20

Vassal House: House McCarrin

Wealth 31

– Smithy (Personal Arms)



Motto & Arms

Motto: Craneos Para el Trono Del Craneo
‘Skulls for the Skull Throne’

Other Characters
 - Castellan Brannith Drakewald
 - Steward Jakob Mord
 - Master at Arms, Wald Torrin
 - Master of the Hunt Mara Bleakwater

 - 6 Vassal Knight
- Sir Jarred Branos, The Shield of Rubrum
– Jarred is a chipper and talkative knight who specializes is shield and flail combat
- Sir Maeson Thrann, The Knight of Flanges
– Maeson is a man of flat personality who wields maces
- Sir Dravos Gravrik, The Burning Knight
– Dravos is a passionate and religious knight who worships the Lord of Light and prefers fire archery in combat

- Hector Ostrios, Hedge Knight of the Casterly
– Hector is a dutiful and blunt hedge knight who hails from the Lannisters Casterly Rock
- Barnell Kroth, Hedge Knight of the East
– Barnell is a slightly unhinged Hedge Knight who arrived overseas from the Free Cities
- Redrick Costellso, Hedge Knight from Across
– Redrick is a Hedge Knight from Bravos who enjoys the wit and smarm his people are known for

  – Lords Personal Knight

- Sir Rydell Lakespear
– Rydell’s family were originally hedge knights who lived on the Rubrums land. After the Rubrums were awarded their land the Rydells pledged their allegiance to their lord and have served faithfully ever since.

House Family: House Rubrum

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